Ron Paul begins Western State swing

English: Congressman Ron Paul speaking at the ...

Ron Paul began his three day visit to the Pacific Northwest with a stop in Twin Falls. Campaign officials estimate more than 1300 supporters and interested parties attended the town hall meeting.  The Idaho republican presidential caucus is just over two and a half weeks away and Ron Paul is determined to make another good caucus showing.

The 12-term Texas congressman is hoping to continue his support across the region and gain some new supporters along the way. Congressman Ron Paul entered Roper auditorium to a warm–welcome.

Dr. Ron Paul, (R) Texas says, “It’s a freedom–loving state. I’ve always had good receptions here. I figured it would be good, but I was impressed.” “I want to be president, but I don’t want to be president to run your life,” Paul said.

“What’s happening in Washington is in many ways irrelevant because they’re not doing the right things. They’re doing the wrong things, but the really great things are happening outside of Washington. The people are waking up and they’re sick and tired of what we’re getting,” Paul said.

As Ron Paul tries to win the republican nomination, he looks to the younger generation to a successful future. “They’re realizing they’re getting the bad rap, the debt,” says Paul.

Congressman Paul addressed Iran’s nuclear weapons… “Iran you know is supposed to attack us soon if we are not ready and that is what they said to us about Iraq…” adds Paul. As far as military support in the Middle East, Congressman Paul says we need to pull the troops. According to Paul supporters, he’s the only republican presidential candidate who voted against the Iraq War. “We have over 8,000 Americans that have died. We have spent trillions of dollars, our debt is up four trillion dollars in that region and it’s not ending,” states Paul. The amount of support came from near and far.

Paul’s message consisted of many things, a $1.3 trillion dollar budget cut as well as strategies on how he would tackle other budget problems.

“And it was guaranteed that if you have an income tax they’re going to collect a lot of taxes and what will happen, government will grow, and that’s why the founders didn’t give us an income tax, so when the republic comes back, we won’t have an income tax” said Ron Paul.

” So far, Paul hasn’t gotten the overwhelming number of results he would like, but many believe he’s got a chance.

Paul’s “No One But Paul” money bomb has also raised more than $1 million since launching on February 14th. Mr. Paul’s “No One But Paul” money bomb is the Texas congressman’s latest effort to fill his campaign coffers as the Super Tuesday elections approach.

“I think it’s the liberty message, total freedom. I think generally, people in the West are more like that, than say, some of the very large cities in the East. But, I think Idaho’s always been that way, I think there’s a very independent spirit here, and self-reliance. I think it’s cultural, as well as political,” said Paul. Paul hopes to carry the energy found in Idaho throughout the rest of his campaign and he performed well in the primary four years ago, and decisively won the straw poll that the Idaho Republican Party held last month. Paul also planned to travel to Washington State before returning to Idaho on Friday for further campaigning.


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